Reducing our footprint bit by bit

We recycle electronics  using environmentally friendly methods and are committed to the conservation of  natural resources.

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Shanked Computer Recycling Inc. (SCRI) is committed to providing an efficient and environmentally friendly recycling service that suits each client’s individual needs. Our facility is gated, secured, and monitored 24/7. We dismantle electronics in a competent and eco-friendly manner. Operationally, we are passionate about conserving resources such as electricity, natural gas, and fuel, responsibly and economically, to generate the highest environmental benefit with our operation.

SCRI specializes in the recycling of computers (CPU), televisions, laptops and printers, although we can safely recycle many other products. Our expertise in recycling allows us to offer genuine recycling solutions. Shanked Computer Recycling is an audited and approved recycler with the Alberta Recycling Management Authority and have obtained COR (Certificate of Recognition) and ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certification.

We offer secure data destruction, environmentally friendly recycling, and recovery of various electronic components on electronic products we pick up from government agencies, institutions, commercial and industrial companies. Our goal is to create a service that is free and easy to use so everyone might participate in electronic recycling, thereby ‘reducing our footprint bit by bit.’  We offer free pickup for businesses and institutions, and we do not charge for any electronic waste materials we accept. We want to inspire everyone to recycle one’s obsolete TVs, computers, servers, copiers and other electronics rather than sending them to the landfills.

Our aim is to be the optimal electronic recycling company that is respected for our convenient and friendly service, competence, safety, security, environmental stewardship, and integrity.